I ventured into the Healthcare business by taking over a small medical shop in Trichy, Tamilnadu. It had a 60-year old reputation of being a trustworthy and very reliable Pharmacy for sourcing of medicines and medical supplies. From that very day in 1999 to this day, each foot I have put forward and each path I chose to tread have been with the support, courage and motivation of my team.

Dr. A. M. Arun
Chairman & Managing Director

Today, our family is growing bigger and stronger. Working across the four southern states in India are over 500 ophthalmologists and Doctors and a 5000 plus CARE team. Each trained to give exemplary care to everyone, without discrimination.

Since its humble beginning 60 year ago, Vasan Healthcare Group has come a long way. Vasan Healthcare Group is today synonymous with World-Class Day care Hospitals ie., Eye Care, Dental Care and expertise in the respective segments.


They say a humble beginning

goes a long way...


We constantly strive to excel and are committed to serve every individual who walks through the doors of Vasan Centres spread across India.

I attribute the credit for the overwhelming growth of Vasan Healthcare Group to my team. For they have always shared responsibilities equally, celebrated every achievement and extended a firm helping hand at the time of crisis. In fact, they are the people who have helped me overcome all the challenges during my journey till date.

Together, I'm certain, we can grow towards being the world's largest day care provider.