Patient Testimonial
Ms. Suzan Omrani


"Saidapet Team treated me with utmost care, which made me forget all the fear for the dental treatment & gave the confidence to proceed with the treatment. All the smiling faces, polite words & friendly atmosphere in Saidapet centre made me realise the care & service we render at Vasan dental care"

Dr. Kumaran.T
SMO, Delphi - TVS, Chennai

"Greetings at the outset. I felt happy about timely intervention and Tooth saving approach by the doctor's , when I had visited Anna Nagar branch of Vasan Dental Care"


"I am pleased with the kind of treatment, facilities and approach towards patients provided by Vasan Dental Care. Regret that I have not came to Vasan Dental Care earlier. It's very difficult to make who is giving good treatment especially in a city like Bangalore. You are making a difference. My best Wishes and will Strongly Recommend to all my Contacts"


A Poetic Testimonial for the Hyderabad Vasan Dental Care Team

"You have given back the old smile
Such are your skills
Emptied and filled the mouth again
With teeth ever new
Across many miles,over many visits
Have you had me sit in your chair
Again and Again
Who should I tell of it
But all the people at Vasan Dental Care!
At the special skill of yours.
My fearful heart
Lost in profound anxiety
Found gentle reassurance.
You have cleared the debris of battleground.
And filled it full with pearly gifts.
Many years are knocked back
As your brilliant work is done
To see the return of the old smile!"


"A beautiful smile is every girl's asset and I have always longed to have one. Tired of hiding my distorted, ugly set of teeth while smiling and laughing I finally looked for a solution to my age old problem. When I came across the Clinical Head at Vasan Dental Care, Salem, Tamil Nadu, India, and got to know about his work I knew that this was the exact place, I needed to visit. The amount of patience the Doctors showed and the way they tackled my problem was amazing. I felt safe in their hands. Thank you so much Doctor and Vasan Dental Care team. Wishing you the very best in your endeavours."

Revathi Perumal
Kate Bester
Middletown, Ireland

"I am very thankful to all the staff for my brand new smile.I truly appreciate each of you for the warm care and welcome that I received at the Kottayam Vasan Dental Care .I will not forget all your smile and support.Thank you Indeed. God Bless you all."


"I would like to share my previous experience with Vasan Dental Care.

The staff at Vasan Dental Care is always friendly and welcoming. I like that whenever I walk into the office, they greet me by name with a smile, even if they are in the middle of something else. The Doctor gave me ample opportunity to ask any questions and make sure I understand everything relating to my Mom's dental health. I never felt rushed, and yet they always seem to be running on time. I actually enjoy going to the dentist!". At the end of the day my Mom is very happy, I'm so thankful to my doctor, please attach this email at the customer delight dashboard at your front office to show my thanks to our Doctor."


"I love Vasan dental care.They have made my teeth so beautiful.I thank Vasan dental care."


"We have been coming to Vasan Dental Care,Cochin, for the past 1 year,and its like coming home everytime. I have gone to a couple of clinics in the past, but our Doctor here has made us feel very comfortable and secure. To him, we patients are the center of his total care and attention , and he always puts our best interests at heart. It's his patient nature that makes us come back to Vasan Dental Care everytime my wife and I need a Dental Treatment. My wife's extremely sensitive, and it was the care and patience of our Doctor that has put her at ease with Dentistry in general.The Treatment Care and the facilities are on par with Dental Clinics in Germany. Rest assured, Vasan Dental Care is our home ground for Dental Care."

Mr.Alfred & Mrs.Renate Glauning
Angel Claudius & Mr.Claudius
Marine Engineer, Merchant Navy, Cochin

"My wife had her full mouth Implant with Bone Graft, done at Vasan Dental Care,Cochin. Our experience there has been a wonderful one. She was previously wearing a Denture that she was not comfortable with. When we were given the option of Implants, we were most happy. Doctor had impressed us with his patience and skill. And considering the time it took for the procedure,there was no post operative complication.We truly admire Doctor and the entire Vasan Dental Care Staff for their personalized care.Thanks to them, my wife is more confident and has a renewed lifestyle."


"I am writing to thank you for the impeccable services I have received at Vasan Dental Care, Cochin during the past year. For several years, I have been on several Dentist Chairs, that have infact exacerbated my dental problems than find solutions.However I must say, that I am tremendously impressed with the responsible way that my Implantologist at Vasan Dental Care has treated me.I was able to observe the Doctor's effortless ability & dexterity in the area of Implantology and Prosthetic Dentistry right from his initial consultation to the successful completion of various procedures that restored my dental health.My Doctor was most caring about my low threshold of pain and discomfort for which I remain thankful.

I want to thank the rest of the team of Doctors for their concern and skillful treatment during various stages of the procedures I had done at Vasan. In addition, I want to thank all the front desk staff who went the extra mile during my various visits to your facility. I want to encourage you to continue your outstanding services, your sensitivity to patient's time and cost, along with your investment in state of the art technology that ensures optimal patient care and comfort. In short, I have rarely stopped smiling after my treatment at Vasan."

Priya Menon
Assistant Professor, U.S.A
V. Uma Lakshmi

"The care and concern we received from all the staff is very nice and extraordinary.Before approaching Vasan Dental Care,Kukatpally, I went to two Dental Hopsitals as my case was complicated and they all had given up and challenged me that I will not be able to get fixed -dentures, even if I go anywhere in the world. But after approaching Vasan, I came to know that all the statements were false. Here I got excellent treatment for implants by the Implantologist. His counseling is amazing. It is difficult to put all my feelings on paper. Finally I want to say “My smile has come back just because of Vasan & my Doctor” Thanks a lot."


"It was an experience worth remembering. I had implant surgery followed by fixture of dentures. Though I am a difficult patient to withstand pain etc the doctors had done a marvellous job. I am very satisfied with the outcome and happy to leave with broad smile. The Implant Team at Annanagar was Very understanding, supportive and overall had done a good job. Thanks a lot and remember ever."

Mr. K. S. Swaminathan
Ex-Shipping Captain, Mercury Shipping Lines, U.S.A.

"Thanks to Vasan Dental Care for giving me the confidence to smile again.I received the best treatment & excellent services from a wonderful Surgeon . I had knocked on many doors to get my orthognathic surgery done, but only Vasan opened it for me. Thank you Doctor."


"You have conducted a dental camp in our premises on 22.12.2011. It was very useful for our employees (106 persons) and it created an Dental health awareness among all. On behalf our Management, staff and employees we thank the Management.of Vasan Dental Hospitals Private Limited, the Doctor & your team for the excellent service."

R. P. Rajendhran
Manager - Personnel, Chandra Textiles Pvt Ltd, Coimbatore
Ngamkhaohao Hangal

"It is the excellent Treatment Care and the Hospitality at Vasan Dental Care, Cochin that is impressive. I am very happy with my experience there."


"Thanks for the excellent facility and treatment care provided at Vasan Dental Care, Cochin. Great Doctors & Staff and and thank you for the pick up and drop facility arranged."

El Bouhali Oomnia
Cabin Crew, Kuwait Airlines
Hannah Jones
Student, New Delhi

"I am fully satisfied with Vasan Dental Care service at Cochin . It's truly a one stop solution for dental care.The service has been very warm and excellent.I am thankful to Doctor for suggesting this new hassle-free aligner treatment.Me being in Delhi, i could carry forward this treatment with great ease and it has been very successful. Me and my family are very happy with this treatment and its results. I must say that Doctor has done an excellent job and i am very impressed with the follow up programme which him and his team undertook. They called me to Delhi every month and inquired about the treatment and i could contact doctor at any time and clear any doubts regarding the aligner.

I compliment Vasan Dental Care for making available such quality and convenient treatments.

Please keep up the good work..."


"Excellent Customer Services,Beautiful faces, Modern facility and knowledgeable Dentists."

Buddha Visser & Grant Visser
Surya Vanka
Principal Manager, Microsoft Corp, Seattle ,U.S.A.

"I was in Hyderabad recently with my parents. We had travelled from Seattle. I was looking for a dental clinic for them and came to VASAN DENTAL.I was really impressed by the high quality care they provide. The facilities are as good if more better than those I am used to in Seattle where I use the very best Dental clinic .What sets VASAN apart is the professionalism as well as the personal care they provide at a fraction of the cost of equivalent care in the best International clinic."


"I was on a Temporary posting at my Training Centre and needed some dental Treatment. I Got the Reference of Vasan Dental Clinic,Banjara Hills, from the General Manager of Taj Banjara Hotel. The Clinic is very Good and well equipped. The Doctors are Highly Qualified and very professional. It is going to serve the Corporates and P.S.U of modern INDIA. In the near Future I will recommend Vasan Health care to all my Family and Friends."

Hitesh Kumar
Harish Garg

"One of the first Dental Hospital I have come across in Hyderabad which is Very Hygienic and good treatment and very satisfied with treatment too. I will suggest all friends and realtives to come here only. For any Dental problem good team of Doctors are available here. So finally very very satisfied with VASAN DENTAL CLINIC,Banjara Hills."


"Exceptionally maintained hospital, very impressed with equipment and cordial atmosphere to the patient given by Doctors."

G. Vinod
Former Labour Minister, Hyderabad
Krishna Chaitanya

"Excited by the excellent services available at Vasan Dental Care,Kukatpally. I have done scaling and polishing at very affordable prices inspite of expensive corporate set up"


"Just took consultation at Vasan Dental Care,Kukatpally.Wonderful explanation of Treatment plan by the doctors.Thanks a lot for the care and concern during my 4 Extractions. My Doctor there were amongst those special breed of Doctors who show genuine care and concern for her patients. Will be ever grateful for the same"

Shanj Wigasini
S. Murugesan
Headmaster, Tirunelvelli

"I came to Vasan Dental Care,Tirunelveli for treatment, the atmosphere is really good and satisfactory."


"Fine Hosting, kind reception, treatment with care."

C. Pothilingam

"The Doctors are so kind and patient at VDC,Salem. Keep up the good work."


"Everything is good, especially the care."

S. Theodore Manova
A. K. Aboobakar

"On my first visit itself, I am impressed of the service being offered by “Vasan” Doctors at Thrissur. They are extremely polite, co-operative and cost sentitive. Without elabration. I wish the establishment “ALL SUCCESS”."


"Hospitality was really fantastic.The staff, Doctors, and the Assistants, were equally caring. Great work . Great Service. Thank You !"

Sanjay Narayanan Kutty