Vasan Dental Hospitals are in an effort to create a whole new world of dentistry that revolves around your smile. Complete with all branches of specialities and backed by state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure, we strive to provide comprehensive quality dental care under one roof.

Extensive care demands specialised solutions

Our team of Expert Dentists provide the latest in dental treatment modules. Patients now have an option to choose from myriad procedures available.Our clincial and non clinical Team sensure the comfort of our patients so that their experience at Vasan Dental Care, is a memorable one. We have with us more than 165,000 happy patients across 19 locations,treating on an average 10,000 patients every month.

Our expertise extends to all age groups, from a child's first dental appointment to the needs of senior citizens. We also cater to special needs of patients undergoing chemotherapy, pregnancy, patients with systemic illnesses and intellectual disabilities.

A Healthy smile and Good Health

One of the most telling signs of good health is a healthy smile. That's why we bring you an extensive range of treatment procedures to help keep that smile going. Our care and expertise spans across several dental specialties because we believe in providing care based on total smile solutions.