Building Communities One Smile at a Time – WORLD TOURISM DAY – SEP 27th, 2014

As a part of our Community Social Responsibility initiative, Vasan Dental Care along with our  Event  partners conducted various events  on the occasion of the United Nations World Tourism Day on Sep 27th, 2014 . The theme for this year’s World Tourism Day was “Responsible Tourism and Community Development“, focusing on the ability of Tourism to empower people and to provide them with skills to achieve change in their local communities.

Tourists were encouraged to  contribute productively to the local community by way of buying local goods, being environmentally aware, contributing to the conservation of culture, art and heritage. The Events organized by Vasan Dental Care will symbolise these themes.

Event Description:

Trivandrum: Wall Art & Graffiti

Venue : Keltron Compound

Time : 9.00 am


Cochin : Walkathon

Venue : Fort.Cochin

Time : 9.00 am


Calicut : Signature Campaign

Venue : Calicut  Beach

Time : 5.00 pm

For any query Please contact : 8943342266 or 9048223193


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